Friday, January 25, 2013

quote of the day

from one of my buddies: "im sick of girls who dont give head" and then he says "especially girls who make u eat them out and still don't give head"

hahaha so true. A lot of girls don't go down on dudes but they love getting eaten out. My friend is really hot too, I don't like seeing girls treat him like that. I told him that I'd suck him and he was like "it's tempting dude, lol".

Convo was on IM so I dunno how serious he was. But all guys like head, so I'm sure he'd go for it whenever the mood was right. Girls can hold back all they want, we'll just go to our buddies for help haha.

Guys are better at it anyways. I like the idea of a girl's lips on my dick, but at the end of the day guys give better blowjobs. Mostly cause we know what feels good, and I think also cause we know how awesome good head is so we wanna give that feeling. Girls don't really relate, they suck you like it's a chore.

Friday, December 21, 2012

Jerked off with Dylan :)

He's a new friend of mine, really hot 19-year-old dude. I love him. We have such a strong connection, and he's hot as hell. Thin and really cut body.

We started jacking it, sort of laughing and casual at first, then arms around each other. I was stroking with my left, and my right arm was around him; he was stroking with his right with his left arm around me, and we got really close, like facing each other, shorts down, holding each other in a tight hug.

It was intimate. Usually we talk about things when we get off (well, "usually" being the one other time we did it, and the beginning of this one), like just random stuff or how it's feeling, but we were just quiet this time, there was a cool feeling about it. It was like bro love, haha. I took my hand off my dick and held his nuts, then took over stroking for him.

He told me "thanks bro" in a really cute way and he took my dick too. We cummed all over ourselves, lol.  We didn't really have any rag handy and didn't want to stop, just enjoyed the moment and let it fly. Obviously we started cracking up from that. I spilled mostly on him and he did it mostly on me, just cause of how we were facing each other, but basically jizz going everywhere. We didn't have nice clothes on or anything though, just comfortable stuff, undershirt sort of things, his was a tank-top. Kind of fun to drain on him, haha.

We cuddled next to each other for a few hours, it was nice.  And we jacked off once more too. A little more laid back. Just laying flat next to each other, cuddled up. He was messing around with himself so I joined in. We had a jizz rag ready that time, haha. Dylan's really great, I love the kid.

No offense to Gabe haha, he's a great jerk off buddy too.  But he's always busy getting beat up by Kayla and stuff lol.  Dylan's easier to chill-out with.

Anyone who's never jacked off with a buddy really needs to try. It's such a fun feeling. Doesn't matter if you consider yourself straight or gay or what, it's not a sexual thing, it's just having fun together. Find a friend you're comfortable with and you'll have a blast.

Monday, December 3, 2012

ballbusting, girls vs. guys

Girls are so rough with our nuts when they bust us. With other dudes it's usually just a playful thing, just messing around with each other. We know how much it hurts and we know he can do it right back to us, lol.

With girls, they have no mercy, they'll just totally wreck you if they want, even if just to prove a point. They like taking advantage of our vulnerability.

I was jacking off with Gabe the other day and he told me his girl's been really rough lately. We've talked about that before, and usually he likes it and it's fun to talk about when we get off. He accepts that she's dominant to him, but sounds like she's going too far, he seemed kinda concerned about it. I think she likes to totally destroy him. She should just go easy on him as long as he stays submissive.

We had a good jack off tho. Kind of classic position, sitting up with our arms around each other, shorts down, we both jizzed on a towel we had near us. He seemed like he really needed it, he was like "thanks, bro" after we were done and seemed happier.

It's always fun to get off with one of your buddies when girls are bothering you, I don't know why lol.

Saturday, November 17, 2012


One of my favorite parts of jacking off with a buddy (especially a straight buddy) is when you're done and hanging out (fully clothed) like nothing happened.  I think that's hot, being comfortable enough to lose your load together, but it's not like the defining part of your friendship.

Maybe make some friendly contact or give him a little tap to the nuts here and there though. :)

Monday, October 29, 2012

jackin' it

Gabe and I jack off without even saying anything sometimes, lol. I slept over last night and crashed in his bed and was horny in the morning so I started beating it. It looked like he was doing it too so I looked at him under the blanket, and sure enough his boxers are at his knees and he's stroking.

 I put my arm around him really hard, it was awesome. Then I let go of my dick and held his balls a little then took his dick and started rubbing. "Thanks, bro" he told me, and I could tell he was about to jizz, so I finished him off.

Then I finished myself and we cuddled a little and smoked a bowl. :)

Gabe's so hot. And I'm not just saying that cause he's my friend. I think he basically gets dominated by Kayla, so he likes his bro time lol. Just laid back pleasure. I probably jack off like 1-2 times a day, normally. If I'm around Gabe, and we're alone, it's probably like 2-3 times a day at least lol.

Saturday, October 27, 2012


Boys are so hot. lol. Girls are awesome, and I love to be with them, and hope I find an awesome girl one day to settle down with. But dudes are just so fucking hot lol.

I love that look when you both know you're checking each other out, just kind of a casual "what's up bro?", and you're really happy you saw him. The way a hot dude looks in athletic shorts is the best, his dick jingling around. I wanna invite them all over to jack off lol, but you gotta play it cool.

Monday, October 22, 2012

It's not just our nuts that makes us weaker sexually. Dudes need to get off like all the time, lol. So girls can tease us. Girls are horny as hell when they want sex, but they can hold it. Guys always need to get off, lol. That's why we rub one off with another dude sometimes and it's no big deal.

Thursday, August 30, 2012

win some lose some

I blew it with this girl on the train. Well, I didn't really blow it as much as I just never really made it happen. Left without getting her number or anything.

She was so cute too, adorable little French girl. She looked more like Russian though. Blond, small, athletic. It was an overnight train ride and she was sleeping right next to me, wanted to cuddle with her lol. We talked a bit and it was cool, but like I said, didn't get her number or anything.

But then I messed around with this black kid. Hot dude, wears thick-frame glasses, but pulls it off. Thin and small, just really hot. Was telling him about the girl and then was like "lets go jackoff, I'm horny lol".

He was like "Naww dude I'm all set with that."  Then he's like "You're serious??"

"Ya dude," I told him. "Why not?"

We went into the bathroom and put our bags on the floor of the stall to block us, and it was pretty quiet anyways since it was like 5am. Took our dicks out and stroked, the look on his face was like pure excitement. Dude was probably like 19 years old, totally straight, seemed like maybe the first time he got off with another dude.

Next time we stroke I'm gonna bust him. I wanted to give him a friendly little tap in the balls, but he was enjoying himself too much, I didn't wanna ruin it. I got his number though, next time.

Gabe is probably gonna be jealous lol.  Not really though, I'm gonna tell him, he'll probably like it. Dude had such a nice dick, probably like 7+ inches, perfect thickness, I'd def blow him.

Saturday, April 21, 2012

smoke and stroke with Gabe

Gabe and I were jacking on his bed the other day, and Kayla came in.  It wasn't a big deal, I just had my shorts down a little, enough to pull my dick through my boxers.  And Gabe had his jeans unzipped.

But Kayla always bugs us when she catches us.  I sort of like it, cause I secretly have the hots for her.  (Well, it's not a secret to Gabe, but I assume he hasn't told Kayla.)  And I like seeing her mess with Gabe.  She doesn't care about the jacking off, she knows we do it, but still we both covered up a little. 

"You have a nice dick, Drew," she told me, kneeling on the bed and feeling me through my boxers.  It was the first time Kayla ever touched me down there. "You don't have to put it away."

I was hard as a rock, and Gabe gave me a look, as if to say 'shit dude, go for it.' "Thanks," I told her, hoping I could invite more play.

"Look at Gabe," she said, noticing him on the verge of blowing.  I put my arm around my buddy and rubbed his shoulder while he cummed. 

"Boys are so weak," Kayla laughed, massaging my nuts through my boxers.  "A little rub on their dick and then they're out of control and blowing."

"Shut up," Gabe laughed, emptying his load on an old t-shirt that he'd been using as a jizz rag.

"Right, Drew?" she asked, grabbing my balls a little now.  "Boys are weak?"

"Ya," I laughed, watching her lower my shorts and boxers down to my knees. "We kind of are."

"Really nice dick," she told me, as she went back and forth between grabbing my balls and rubbing the palm of her hand over my cock.  "You gonna let me rape your buddy like this, Gabe?"

"He can handle it," Gabe answered, cuddling close to me.

"Oh ya?" Kayla asked, grabbing my testicles hard this time.

"Damn, don't hurt his nuts," Gabe pleaded, empathizing more than he was expecting to stop her.

I leaned forward in pain and Kayla finally let go, instead grabbing me near the tip of my dick and rubbing. "Fine, I'll be nice," she said.  But it was such a tease, to get sort of half-stroked like that.  I was on the verge of cumming anyways, but really wanted a full tug or two.

"Can you stroke me?" I asked. "The whole way?"

"Maybe," Kayla answered, and lowered herself to my junk, taking my balls in her mouth, then sucking on the bottom of my shaft, then finally my whole dick. Gabe was already jerking off again next to me, and we shot a really excited look at each other.

She took her mouth off me and held my hands back so I couldn't stroke myself. Just sitting there knelt in front of me, making deep eye contact for a good 10 seconds or so.  Finally she put her arm around me, leaned against me, and yanked my dick.  I sprayed like a fountain, mostly on my shirt, and some went over my shoulder and landed on the pillow.

"Damn bro," Gabe laughed, and reached to hand me his jizz shirt while Kayla finished draining me. She rubbed a few extra times for good measure and gave me a kiss on my cheek.

"Boys are so ridiculous," she laughed as she got up to leave the room. "Have fun with each other. I know you're gonna keep jerking off." 

In fact, Gabe was about to lose another load right then. "Dude I'm gonna blow, can you hand me that shirt?"

I laughed and gave him his rag, putting my arm around him and rubbing the inside of his leg to help his orgasm.

"That was hot, bro," he told me while he jizzed. "She handled you."

"Ya, now I know what it's like to be teased by her," I told him.  "That girl's vicious."

And Kayla was totally right.  We spent the afternoon cuddled in bed, smoking weed and beating off a few times each.  A good old-fashioned smoke and stroke.

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Jacked off with Gabe again

Jacked off with my buddy Gabe today.  We started talking about what happened a couple months ago, when Kayla teased his balls and drained him.  And then the next thing we knew we had our hands in our pants yanking our dicks. 

"She's really aggressive, dude," he told me, and moved close to me so I could put my arm around him.  He had both hands on his junk, stroking with his right and holding his nuts with his left.  I had my right arm around him and stroked with myself with my left.  Gabe's a really good looking dude and I love helping him get off.  I'd blow him any time but usually we just stroke.

"Ya?  She own you any more since then?" I asked him. 

"Ya dude, once," he answered, looking kind of embarrassed.  "She wrecked me."

"Take this shit off," I told him, encouraging him to take his jeans all the way off.  I want my buddy to be comfortable while he tells me jackoff stories.

"That night," he told me, pulling his jeans down from his knees and all the way off, never really missing a beat with his right hand while he did it.

"She got you again that night??" I asked, getting half naked myself.

"Remember we kept jacking off?"

"Ya," I answered him.

"She came in later and wanted to bang, after you left.  And I was done."

"Oh man," I told him, "ya, we were totally drained."

"She was like.. 'What, you jack off with Drew all day and now you can't fuck?'" he told me, doing his best to imitate Kayla.  "Kneed me straight in the groin."

"Ooof, damn, bro," I empathized while I stroked. "Then did she leave you alone?"

"No, she fucked me," he answered, both of us laughing.

"Hahaha, she fucked you?" I asked, letting go of my dick and stroking Gabe instead.  I was ready to blow and wanted him to catch up.

"Ya dude," he explained, putting his left arm around me while I stroked him, "she got into bed and grabbed 'em and told me we were fucking."

"Wow," I answered, noticing him looking like he wanted to cum, breathing heavy and eyes wide.  I let go and went back to my own dick, still cuddled next to him while we stroked.  "And you did it?  You banged her?"

"Ya.  She held my nuts until I got hard, then we screwed.  I didn't last long though, obviously, I was exhausted.  Then she beat my nuts a little after we finished."

"Wow, she did?"

"Ya she was mad I couldn't go longer," he told me, breathing heavy and starting to squirt on his white undershirt. "She slapped me a little then grabbed them and told me not to jerk off for like 3 days, then she kneed me again.  It was so hard dude, I was wrecked."

"Dude.. can I?" I asked, wanting to jizz on his shirt since it was already messy and I didn't have a rag handy.

"Ya, it's cool," he told me, letting me drain myself on him.

Truth is I'd do anything for Gabe and I know he'd do the same for me.  He's a really great dude.  It's fun to have someone like that who you like a lot and enjoy getting off with.  The dude's like a brother to me, and I really hope his nuts are OK, as much as I really enjoy hearing stories about Kayla busting him.

Saturday, January 21, 2012

stroking with Gabe

My buddy Gabe and I were jacking off the other day, and his girl walks in.  (She knows we mess around, she's cool about it.)  They have a deal where she's allowed to do stuff with girls, and he can do stuff with guys.

It's fun, I love it.  To be honest I sort of have a crush on Kayla, his girl, and it's really hot to chill in bed with him and hear the occasional tidbit about their sex life while we get off.  Kayla is bisexual and pretty open about it.  So that's why they have that special deal in their relationship.  Gabe considers himself straight, but IMO just about every guy likes to be touched, even if it's just wrestling around with your buddies or innocent stroking.  And since his girl explicitly allows it, it's not uncommon that we get horny and get off together.

I like messing around with my buddies cause it's totally laid back and you know there aren't any mixed feelings involved.  And plus you're both guys so you can get off at roughly the same pace, then go play video games or something, lol.  No big deal.

But I guess nothing really beats a good, passionate fuck with a girl you like.  So to me a girl who's open-minded and cool with what guys need to do is a dream come true, and that's probably why I have such a crush on Kayla.  I'm actually a little envious of their situation, but I mean that in the totally positive sense that I'm happy for them.  Gabe knows I want her, so he loves talking to me about her to get me horned up or to signal that he wants to get off.

He's so hot when he's about to cum.  He starts stroking hard and breathing heavy and has this "omg it's about to happen" look on his face.  And usually he warns me, "I'm about to blow, dude" or something just to make sure I know.  Sometimes I finish him off with my hand, or maybe take his balls in my mouth while he strokes.  Sometimes we'll just put our arms around each other and finish ourselves off (works well cause I stroke with my left hand and he uses his right). 

This time Kayla walks in.  "You guys are jerking off again?" she asks, rhetorically.  "Fucking weirdos."  She crawls into bed, grabs Gabe's nuts and puts her arm around him to push his hand off his dick.  She kisses him real lightly on his neck, cheek, and then lips, holding both hands away from his dick and laughing while he squirms, then presses her thigh up against his nuts.

"Uggh," Gabe lets out. "I'm so--." "Baby please, I'm so h--." "I'm so horny." he mutters, mostly under his breath, getting interrupted by Kayla's kisses.

"Do something about it," Kayla demands playfully, sitting up a little and holding his arms, then pushing her knees into his balls again.

It was really hot for me to watch, my buddy laying there, almost defenseless with his girl's legs against nads, wearing only a white undershirt and boxers down around his knees.  Kayla by contrast was fully clothed and totally in control of the situation.  Even with all her clothes on, her short shorts and tight top showed off so much of her beautiful figure.

She slid her crotch against his, teasing him with some friction.  Then she took his cock between her legs and rode up and down, Gabe desperately needing to get off.

Eventually he looked over at me as if to say "dude, I'm about to blow, but wtf do I say to her."  She probably wouldn't like it much if he cummed between her legs.  And at this point I couldn't hold my own load any longer and (not having much else available) blew it all over my shirt.

"That's hot," Kayla said, smiling at me, still riding Gabe, now with his boxers off and naked from the waist down.

"I'm about to go too," Gabe tells her between heavy breaths.

"Don't fucking get it on me," she snaps, and quickly moves herself off his dick, now kneeling in front of him while Gabe reaches for his junk.  "Don't touch," she orders, and slaps him in the balls with the back of her hand. "I'll finish you."

Kayla was in control of him, but not in an overly mean way.  She didn't want to hurt him, per se, she just wanted to use his balls for the sake of having her way.  She wanted the sexual leverage that a girl naturally has over a boy.

She took his dick with only her index- and middle-finger, a technique I'd never seen before, and slowly rubbed up and down Gabe's shaft.  He was so pent up that it didn't take more than a stroke or two before he started to squirt all over his chest and stomach area of the undershirt he had on.  Kayla let go as he began to jizz and held on to his balls instead while Gabe finished stroking himself.  I wanted to get close to him and help him finish, but I didn't want to interfere with their experience.  And Kayla didn't seem like the kind of girl who would put up with it if she didn't like it. 

"So easy to drain Gabe," Kayla says, smiling at me and then curling up next to her ever so slightly battered boyfriend.

"You drained me too," I told her.  "It's hot watching you two go at it."

"Please.. I own him," she answered, still smiling and still with a hand around his balls.  Gabe just lay there looking super relieved, kissing back and forth with Kayla.

"Dude," I said to Gabe as soon as Kayla left, "she really did drain you."

"I know," he answered, with a sheepish and sort of embarrassed grin.

"Your balls OK?"

"Ya, bro."

I felt so satisfied and exhausted, but also really turned on.  Pretty soon we had our arms around each other, rubbing off another one.

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