Tuesday, July 10, 2012

attracted to other guys?

It's cool to be attracted to guys. I don't like how most people are quick to label. That kind of misses the point. If you want to consider yourself "gay" (or "bi" or whatever), that's cool, but the fact is you don't have to be that way to be attracted to guys. You don't have to want a boyfriend to want to rub one off with a dude. Almost all guys are attracted to other guys in some ways or at some times. There's no way to generalize. Sexualities are all unique, and trying to fit them into a box means you're necessarily close-minded about it. We're sexual beings, we're not meant to fit into one box or another. We're just meant to enjoy whatever we're feeling. So one thing I hope people get out of this blog is that it's totally normal to feel attracted to dudes sometimes, even if you're definitely not gay. Just enjoy it and have fun with it. Most guys mess around with other guys at one point or another anyways. It's basically already regarded as a normal thing to do, it just isn't talked about openly much.

Monday, July 9, 2012

Jen wrecks the boys

Tommy's sister Jen used to kick the crap out of his nuts.  Not often, but when they did fight, she ended it quick.  And pretty much had no mercy. 

One time he was coming out of the shower, just wearing white cotton boxers and a towel draped around his neck, leaving about as little to the imagination as possible, and she snuck up on him in the hallway. 

She grabbed his nuts (and his dick at the same time) and twisted.  He begged her to stop with his mouth dropped.  But she didn't until he was down to his knees, then she kicked him.  And while he was laying on his stomach, already on the verge of tears, she wound up and kicked him as hard as she could from behind.

Tommy lay there holding his nuts for about 20 minutes, crying for a little while.  Not really sobbing or anything, just tearing up in pain.

Some girls like to tease your nuts, just kind of to remind you that you have them. Jen likes to totally bust them.  Act nice most of the time, but then show a boy how vulnerable he is when she gets the chance.

Tommy was used to it, but it was a totally new experience when he saw his friend Doug get busted by her.  They were playing basketball, just the 3 of them, goofing around.  And when Jen had possession and Doug went to guard her, she flicked her fist hard at his nads.

"My balls!" Doug groaned, shocked that Jen did that to him while he dropped to the ground and curled up.

"Hahahahaha," Jen laughed, as she went in for a layup against Tommy.  Tommy only half contested it while he embarrassingly covered his nuts with one hand.
"You OK, Doug?" Tommy asked, laughing a little.

"Ya," Doug answered, standing up with his hands on his knees, taking a couple deep breaths. "That was dirty," he laughed, taking it well.

"I'm not playin' anymore," Tommy told them, while he dribbled around with the ball and put up a halfhearted shot.

"Afraid, Tommy?" Jen asked, sticking her tongue out and smiling.

"Ya I'm done too," Doug added, sitting down on the lawn.

"Hahaha, fine," Jen laughed, leaving to go back in the house.

Later that night it was the first time Doug and Tommy ever jacked off with each other.  Doug lived close by, and they were pretty much best friends at this point, usually playing basketball together all day during the summer.  It was probably long overdue that they rubbed one off together.
"Dude I think your sister wants me," Doug told him.  And that was pretty much all it took to get the ball rolling.

Indeed, she did want him.  A few days after the ballbusting incident, Doug went inside to piss, and Jen called over to him from the couch.

"Dougie, can I tell you something?"

"Ya?" Doug answered.

"Come over here, I want to whisper it to you." And as soon as Doug got close, Jen grabbed him by the nuts through his basketball shorts. "You're really cute."

"Thanks," Doug groaned, doing his best not to seem uncomfortable.  He wasn't sure if Jen knew how bad she was hurting him, and didn't want to seem weak.

"Why are your balls so weak, Doug?" She asked, laughing.

"Cause you're squeezing them," Doug groaned, laughing a little and falling to his knees totally deflated. "Ugh, let go," he whimpered, trying to pry her arms off.

"Hahaha," Jen continued to laugh, on the ground now herself, squeezing Doug while she straddled over him, finally loosening her grip and leaning in to give him a kiss, driving her knee into his balls while she made out with him. 

Eventually she lowered his shorts and stroked him.  Doug sat up right away, basically facing Jen while she rubbed him off.  His mouth dropped and Jen asked him if he was gonna go soon.

"Ya," Doug answered.

"Wait there!" Jen insisted, and ran into the bathroom to get a couple tissues.  Despite being older, she'd had a crush on Doug for the year or so that she'd known him.  And it was Doug's first hand job from a girl.  So they both really enjoyed it while Jen brought him to orgasm.