Saturday, March 1, 2014


I saw a girl squeeze her dude's nuts today. Haha. They were like 19 or 20 years old, and the girl hit the guy's friend in the balls somehow (I missed it, I just saw him holding himself). So that guy grabbed the girl's bus pass away from her, and then she squeezed her boy's balls, like as a ransom.

First it was outside his jeans, then she was reaching inside. She told the friend to give her bus pass back or she'd keep squeezing. The guy was like "dude, please, she has my nuts".

Eventually she got the bus pass back and let go. She was kissing him while she squeezed him too. He said "this is rape" at one point lol. Damn girls, they just grab us any time they want to get their way and we just give in to them.

I gotta post a story soon, I forgot how awesome nut busting is haha.

Saturday, October 26, 2013

Controlled by the girl's little sister

Chico was owned by Vicky.  They'd become regular fuck buddies, entirely Vicky's doing.  Chico was passive socially, he had a hard time saying no when someone suggested doing something.  And with his nuts right there to be squeezed, it was easy for Vicky to rope him into sex pretty much any time she wanted.

In the middle of one of their fucks, Marrissa walked in.  Vicky rolled off of Chico and grabbed the blankets for herself, exposing the older teen rock hard in front of her little sister.  Chico covered up with his hands, but there's no hiding a fully hard 9-inch dick. She had clear view of him and admired for a moment before apologizing and walking out.

"Marissa," Vicky called back.


"Wanna squeeze Chico's nuts?"

"Pfffff," Chico slapped playfully and clenched his face at his devious friend. He was rock hard, close to blowing, and now she's using him as a science experiment for her little sister.

"You can see how weak boys are down there," she explained, rubbing his nuts lightly and moving his hands away to fully expose him.

"Oh my god I really get to squeeze them?" Marissa asked, standing at the front of the bed.

"Ya, do it," Vicky instructed.  "Just grab a firm hold and squeeze. He'll be fine, I promise."

"Auugghhhh," Chico groaned, sexually charged, loving the sensation of Marissa's hand around his balls, but with the poignant pain of a nut squeeze. "Auuuugggghhhh," he moaned, defeated now, essentially conceding to her with his body language.

Marissa felt amazed by the naked boy fading limp to her. Without instruction from Vicky, she pulled back her knee and landed it flush into Chico's balls, leaving the 17-year-old beaten and curled up next to Vicky.

more to follow...

Tuesday, October 8, 2013


Girls just own us, damn. This dude gets wrecked. I feel bad for him when he's rolling around like that.. manhood taken, you can tell though that there's at least a part of him that sort of likes it. It is how nature intended it, after all, that girls dominate if they go for the balls. So makes sense to enjoy it when she takes you.

Sunday, September 8, 2013


FYI, if anyone readers like this kind of thing, you can make money by uploading x-rated pics: ImageTwist

The way it works is they show ads in the background on the page, so whenever someone visits your image, you get money from it.

Nothing you're gonna be able to retire from lol, but if you upload something popular, you never know. And it's fun to show off and share hot pics anyways. :p 

Wednesday, June 19, 2013


Pretty much all guys like going for their friends in the nuts, these guys def do lol. Seems like the first vid probably happened spontaneously, then they decided to make more.

Their last videos are pretty recent, spread them around, they probably like views.

Monday, May 20, 2013

girls owning

I sort of resent it that girls can own us, at the same time I like it and really like the feeling of a girl in control. Like, I feel bad for my buddy Gabe every time Kayla hurts his balls, but I also sort of enjoy that it happens

She owns me too. She doesn't crush me like she does to Gabe, but she plays dirty enough to prove it.

I dunno if I could handle what happens to Gabe. Last time she jacked him off she had his nuts the whole time. She's been doing this thing where she comes in and basically decides Gabe's gonna get off, and then strokes him. One day we had already got off three times together and she came in right after and demanded it. We were really high and horny, but still, after 3 times he was definitely drained.

He was like "no Babe, not right now" but she didn't care, she grabbed his nuts and stroked him. They made out a little, and then she decided he needed to get off again.

He begged like "no babe, please" but she rubbed him hard then started fucking him. It was a pretty quiet and quick fuck, but there was so much sexual energy. He pulled out to jizz and she sort of knelt over him and watched, then grabbed his balls. Gabe was grinning as he rubbed himself off, he knew that he just got dominated.

Then she smacked him kind of hard, and started kissing him and left his neck hickied. It's remarkable how effortlessly she can control him. It's almost artistic. And I love it, and I love comforting Gabe about it, it's so fun to jack off and talk about what she does to him. But part of me kind of resents that she can do it.

Fucking girls, lol.Even if Gabe wanted to be dominant to her, there's just no way. She'd grab his nuts and he'd shrink up and have no chance.

They love beating us up too. When a girl knows she can take a guy she usually tries to prove it. Either like play wrestling or a real fight, however it works out, she'll find a way to instigate it. In Gabe's case I guess she decided to start a relationship with him and own him.

She owns me too. I'd admit it to her if she asked. But she can tell by my body language to her. Once when she caught me jacking off she made me stop and sat next to me rubbing my dick and balls for like 20 minutes. It was the biggest tease, but felt really good when I finally got off. It was basically like admitting that she owned my nuts. It's just frustrating that we can't ever do that back to them. They don't have a weak area like our nuts.

But dudes, if you've never had a girl in charge before during sex.. you should try it.

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

more nut pics

lol. I can't stop showing off my balls. (Click for the un-blurred, 18+ only.)

(FYI porno sounds might play when you view those. lol. They're hosted on an X-rated image hosting site. So don't, like, open them at work with the volume blasting.)

Sunday, February 24, 2013

pic of my balls

so, after a year or so of writing this blog, I figure I should show you guys my nuts:

haha. They're blurred out on here, keepin' it G-rated (I have a mature content thing on here, but still), but if you click the image it takes you to an X-rated hosting site and you'll see it full in good quality.

Now you've seen my nuts haha.

Tuesday, February 19, 2013


Girls are so mean lol. Some are playful about it but I feel like all girls are just naturally aggressive to our nuts. I was reading this thread about nut kicks, and saw this post:

"Me and a few friends were walking home from our middle school bus stop. We are almost all still really good friends, except for 2 of the 6 of us. Well one of the guys who isnt our friend anymore made a comment about some girl being flat, and the girl was at our bus stop and was like "The fuck did you just say?" and next thing you know, she punted his nuts. She plays soccer, so she has a really good kick, and he goes to his knees. He looked up and said like "You bitch" or something similar and she kicked him 3 more times until he was face down crying."

Imagine that kid just clutching himself, in tears, all cause some girl got mad at him. It sucks that we're that weak and he probably shouldn't have said that, but it's so mean that she busts his nuts like that. And it's the worst feeling too cause you can't fight back, you know you're finished. He shouldn't have called her a bitch but still that's so mean to kick him again, you already made your point, you don't need to beat him up more while he's down.

That thread is all true too (most likely) cause it's all people with a bunch of posts (about other topics), it's not like anonymous posters just talking nonsense or a nut kicking forum specialty forum or something lol.

I don't care that girls have that advantage over us, I just wish the double standard would go away. Girls should learn it's not cool to beat up on guys just cause they said something you didn't like.

Friday, February 8, 2013

look at that package! gives him protection from a ballbust, lol.

Friday, January 25, 2013

quote of the day

from one of my buddies: "im sick of girls who dont give head" and then he says "especially girls who make u eat them out and still don't give head"

hahaha so true. A lot of girls don't go down on dudes but they love getting eaten out. My friend is really hot too, I don't like seeing girls treat him like that. I told him that I'd suck him and he was like "it's tempting dude, lol".

Convo was on IM so I dunno how serious he was. But all guys like head, so I'm sure he'd go for it whenever the mood was right. Girls can hold back all they want, we'll just go to our buddies for help haha.

Guys are better at it anyways. I like the idea of a girl's lips on my dick, but at the end of the day guys give better blowjobs. Mostly cause we know what feels good, and I think also cause we know how awesome good head is so we wanna give that feeling. Girls don't really relate, they suck you like it's a chore.

Monday, January 21, 2013

Maddy beats up Ryan

"You really wanna fight!?" Maddy asked, fired up and angry as she moved towards Ryan.

He was regretting what he'd gotten himself into, reality setting in now that Maddy was here in front of him. Even as she moved close he hoped she'd back out before push actually came to shove. He didn't want to fight a girl, and he especially didn't want to lose to her.

And he never had a chance. Maddy snapped her leg and connected the top of her foot right into Ryan's nuts. His eyes bulged and he dropped to a knee, trying to stay standing. "You bitch," he groaned, briefly making eye contact with Maddy then falling to both knees, his head against the floor, holding his nuts while his eyes teared up. Ryan realized as well as anyone that he had just lost the fight.

The small crowd gasped as Maddy wound up and kicked him hard in the face, already defenseless now Ryan fell to his side with his hands up near his nose. Maddy kicked him again twice more in his stomach for good measure.

"You done, bitch?" Maddy asked, kneeling down and grabbing him by the shirt, pushing him against the wall of lockers.

"Yes, yes," Ryan conceded, turning his face and bracing for anything else she might do, balls busted and wind knocked out of him he wasn't attempting to fight. Maddy punched him twice in his left eye before bystanders finally pulled her away from him. Ryan curled up, bloodied and beaten, crying under the cover of his arms.

"He started it," Maddy defended herself to the stunned crowd. "Don't blame me, he challenged me, it's not my fault he's a little bitch."

Ryan slapped the ground in frustration, panting as he lay flat on the hallway.

Lost in the boy vs. girl aspect of what just happened was that Ryan got roughed up by someone from a different school, their rival school. And on their turf. They should have broken it up sooner, but it all happened so quick and they didn't know how to react.

Marisa watched Ryan laying there, she noticed his jeans pressed tight around his bulging butt, a beautiful outline of a young male body. She'd had a crush on him ever since their freshman year; they were juniors now. He always seemed so untouchable, popular and a good wrestler, and now he was on the ground beaten to a pulp by a girl, a sophomore girl from a different school, crying and humiliated.

She put her hand on his back and asked if he was OK.  He slapped the ground again and didn't answer, instead he got up to sit against the wall, still burying his face in his arms, but noticeably bloodied and crying. "Want me to get the nurse, Ryan?"

"No," he choked out, "I'm fine."

Really he was crushed, emotionally more than physically. Marissa sat with him and talked to make sure he was OK.

Boys that age are used to getting ballbusted by girls, but not totally beaten. Usually when girls hit a boy in the nuts they're just playing around, and even if it was mean-spirited it's rare that they hit you again while you're down. So it's just a ballbust and nothing more -- it stings, it might make a girl feel like she has something over you, but it doesn't shatter your identity in a lasting way. Guys are used to getting ballbusted. Maddy on the other hand took all of Ryan's pride.

For the most part boys don't like to mess with girls. It isn't really because of a bullshit code of chivalry, it's because we know we have nuts. So what sense does it make? But Ryan got caught up trying to defend his buddy Tyler, when he saw Maddy making posts on Facebook about 'owning' a boy from LHS.

It can be emotional for guys when a girl is being dominant, especially if she's mean-spirited about it. So Ryan commented that she was a 'crazy bitch' and that he'd kick her ass any time, he got caught up in his emotions more than he really wanted to fight her. Maddy took the threat seriously though and showed up at his school, and it ended with Ryan on the floor.

It was a little bit of a cheap shot what she did to him, but there aren't any rules in street fighting. That's why it's dangerous to fight a girl.

Tyler left wrestling practice early to go see Ryan. He felt bad, especially knowing Ryan was trying to stand up for him. They gave each other a quick man-hug, a little tap of the arms that lets out some emotion but doesn't last long enough to actually be a hug. Ryan skipped practice but didn't want to go home yet, so he hung out at Tyler's instead and was already there waiting for him.

"Damn dude, really?" Tyler asked, rhetorically. He knew what happened but wasn't expecting to see his buddy visibly roughed up like that.

"Ya, she went off on me." Ryan looked deflated, his head tilted down, a similar demeanor to when he watched from the background as Maddy pinned Tyler at wrestling. "She nut kicked me."


"Total cheap shot. And then she kicked me when I was down."

"She kicked you again?? In your nuts?"

"No, in my face and stomach, she just kept kicking me."

"Damn, dude." Tyler felt sick to his stomach hearing that and wrapped his arm around his friend. "Are you OK?"

Ryan appreciated the comfort, and the boys sat on the bed and talked more about what happened. It was a little embarrassing, especially because Ryan had sort of become a stabilizing influence to Tyler -- not dominant per se, but not owned by Maddy. And now he got owned too. But it felt good to talk and get everything out.

"I think Marissa wants me," Ryan perked up. "She was being all close and askin' if I needed a ride anywhere."


"After," Ryan answered. "After I got beat."

Both boys were jerking themselves, Ryan cuddled next to Tyler with his jeans unzipped and his dick through his boxers fly -- cotton boxers, comfortable and perfect for stroking, pretty much the only thing Ryan wore. Tyler had his shorts and boxers pulled down, just low enough to stroke.

"Oh, she probably does. She's fugly though!"

"Ya I know."

"That's gross," Tyler laughed, thinking about Ryan hooking up with her.

"I didn't say I wanted to, it's not like I went. I'd rather be with you bro," Ryan teased, joking but also meaning it.

"Ya dude, maybe if it was like Bre or Megan Riley making moves on you then you should go with them."

"Hell ya," Ryan smiled, pulling off his jeans. He stroked a few more times then slid his boxers off too.  "If it was one of them I definitely woulda gone," he laughed, "no offense."

Tyler certainly didn't take any, he liked hearing his buddy claim his manliness. He tightened his arm around Ryan's shoulders and then lowered his shorts and boxers a little, down to his knees.

"Take 'em off," Ryan encouraged, letting go of his dick to tug at Tyler's shorts when he hesitated.

"No dude," Tyler laughed, instinctively reaching to his shorts.

Ryan grabbed Tyler and they rolled in a playful grapple, struggling with Tyler's shorts a little, eventually settling next to each other with Tyler on Ryan's left now, laying the long way on the bed right near the pillows. Tyler pulled his shorts off and got comfortable, stroking with his left hand now and wrapping his right arm around Ryan.

"You have hickies, bro," Ryan teased, noticing the marks on his buddy's neck from Maddy.

"Dude," Tyler's voice cracked a little as he looked in Ryan's eyes, "she's vicious."

"I know, bro," Ryan answered, bruised up in his own right, holding his arm tight around Tyler. The boys looked at each other and lost their loads together. Ryan was emasculated but it was one of the best jizzes he'd ever had. They stayed cuddled up, wiped themselves off a little, and pulled the blanket over them while they talked more about what happened. Ryan was still upset but he felt a lot happier than before.

*story is entirely fictional and does not portray real behaviors, real personalities, or real events
 A prequel to this story is posted here: Maddy shows up on Christmas

Tuesday, January 8, 2013


You guys should buy a Fleshlight, lol. I'm ordering one, I'll let you know how it is when I get it.

I kinda wanted to get the Brent Corrigan one cause he's so hot lol, but I'm not really into fucking dudes. So I went with the hetero one.

It's kind of awesome.. if maybe borderline creepy.. the way they model the toys after the hot guys. I highly recommend watching the video on the Brent Corrigan page, you can watch them rubbing the mold on his dick to create the dildo.

Lisa Ann is really hot too. She's getting older, she's basically MILF material in the video (I don't mean that in a bad way at all), but looks younger in her pics.

The "Fleshlight" is designed to mimic a girl's parts (pussy or butt or mouth) and the "Fleshjack" is designed to mimic a dude (butt or mouth). I almost went with the dude's mouth but I figured the original would be better, and smashing a pussy is more fun lol.

I hear it's good, check out this thread on LPSG:

I'm kind of excited. People seem to like it a lot. I only sponsor the best stuff. :p

Thursday, January 3, 2013


It's funny that people think of "manliness" as being big and tough and invincible. I feel very manly to admit I have nuts, and that I'm vulnerable.

It's just the way it is.  It's the way God or nature or whatever made us.  It doesn't make sense to pretend we're something that we aren't.

I love when a girl grabs me in the nads and has control of the sex.  That's way more fun than pretending I should be in control of it.  I don't like to play to the false stereotypes.  Sometimes I feel bad when I see a dude lose a grappling match to a girl, but on the other hand it blows away the stereotype and opens his mind.

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Maddy shows up on Christmas

story is entirely fictional and any similarity to real events is purely coincidental

"Tyler, you have a friend here," his aunt called from the front door.

The boy's face blushed bright red when he saw who it was.  It was Maddy, the girl that crushed him at wrestling a few day's earlier.

"I just wanted to apologize," she told him. Tyler's aunt was looking on but getting the idea that she should leave them alone. "Is there somewhere we can talk?"

"Ya," Tyler answered, taking the surprise visitor into his room, away from everyone else. He was kind of embarrassed to have a girl show up at his house. Let alone a girl who beat him at wrestling. What would he tell anyone who asked who she was? "What are you doing!?" he asked her.

"I'm not trying to rub it in or anything, Tyler.  I just felt bad."


"Cause I beat you. And I feel bad. Cause you're a boy and I'm a girl."

"So?" Tyler snapped, annoyed at the suggestion that there's a reason to feel bad for him.

"And I kind of fought dirty."

"Ya, you did.." Tyler laughed a little. "You got my nuts a couple times."

"You're so cute, Tyler." Maddy told him. "I could've beat you anyways. I could have pinned you earlier too. It was just fun to toy around with you."

"Why'd you toy around with me?"

"Cause you're hot," she answered him bluntly, turning Tyler's face beet red again. "Boys like you are fun to break down." Tyler was speechless, still blushing while Maddy sat down next to him and kissed his cheek.  "And I wanted to take it from you before another girl did."

"Take what?"

"Your male pride," Maddy answered him. "I wanted to get it before a different girl did."

"What are you talking about!?" Tyler snapped, moving to the edge of his bed, away from her a bit.

"Well, you're broken now. It won't be as much fun for the next girl."

"That's messed up," Tyler sulked.

"It is what it is," Maddy told him. "You know how guys get off on taking a girl's virginity? It's kind of like that. We get off on taking a dude's manhood from him." She knelt over him in that familiar position from the wrestling match, only this time with Tyler sitting up facing her, and this time with no rules to worry about, so she took a firm hold of Tyler's testicles.

"My balls!" Tyler's mouth was wide open. "Please don't," he begged, adrenaline rushing, kicking his legs underneath Maddy's straddle. "I admit you're better than me. Just please don't."

Maddy kissed him and sucked his neck, feeling an extraordinary amount of power over the boy, leaving a couple hickeys on his left side almost as if to mark her property. "Do you admit you're my bitch?"

"Yes.. obviously."

"Hahahaha, poor boys and their testicles," she laughed, kissing him and increasing the pressure his balls, "so weak and so fun to play with."

"Please stop, Maddy." Tyler was sweating and looked frightened. "Please don't," he asked again as she unbuckled his jeans.

"I just want to see," she assured him, lowering his pants and boxers down to his knees then driving her knee into his balls after she exposed him.

"Oooof," Tyler groaned. Maddy marked a new hickey on his neck while she lay straddled over him on the bed, clutching his nuts for control and working his pants all the way off to leave him completely naked from the waist down.

"OK, you win. Someone could walk in, Maddy." Tyler was completely defeated at this point. A totally broken boy. There wasn't much he could do against a girl like this, a girl who's flexible, athletic, and knows exactly how to use the nuts to her advantage.

Kissing his lips, Maddy lifted her leg hard into Tyler's sack. The boy shivered, barely let out a sound and sunk limp, his body basically conceding itself to Maddy. She kissed him more and lifted 2 more hard thighs, both connecting perfectly flush. Tyler's eyes began to water and tears came down his face. There was no struggle left. "Aw, Ty," Maddy told him, with her arm around him now she lifted her leg hard into him again, and again, and again.

The boy's body was pulverized, and he fell unconscious from the pain. A perfect example of why boys are taught not to attack girls. A girl who uses our weakness can totally decimate us.

Maddy played with Tyler's dick until it swelled, kissing him as he lay unconscious and stroking him to orgasm. She spilled his load all over his shirt and bed.

Before leaving she slapped Tyler's nuts once more with the back side of her hand, an insulting exclamation point to everything she'd already done to him. His body shook and he rolled over, with his hands in his groin.

Maddy rolled him back upright, with his legs folded over the bed, his cock and balls hanging in perfect sight for anyone who walked in. "Stay just like that, cutie," she said to him, rubbing his nuts and sucking on his neck a few more times for good measure. She snapped a photo of her work and finally left Tyler in peace.

"Tyler went to sleep," she announced to the people she passed on her way out.

Tyler's friend Ryan was curious about what happened and hurried to his room to check on him.

"Bro!?" Ryan asked, shocked to see his buddy laying there half naked and out like a light. "She raped you!? Bro, you OK?"

Tyler woke up a little as Ryan shook him but it took him a little bit to get his senses together. Ryan reminded him that Maddy came over, and the pieces started coming together, and Tyler told him about what happened. He was shook up, but it was nice to be in his buddy's arms.

Ryan was stroking himself from inside his boxers, with his pants unbuttoned, and he was close to cumming. They were comfortable with each other and this was nothing new, Ryan had consoled Tyler after the wrestling match with Maddy a few days earlier. "I'm gonna blow, dude. Is it cool if I get it on you, you're already messed up?"

"Ya it's cool."

Ryan lowered his pants and sprayed all over his buddy without time to spare.

"You jizz so much," Tyler laughed. "Jesus."

"I was horny dude, I didn't just get drained by Maddy," Ryan joked.

"Shut up, bro," Tyler laughed, squeezing his buddy's nipple and grappling a little. "Dude you should crash here tonight."

"Ya I will," Ryan answered.

The boys had their arms around each other, already stroking off another load. Tyler fell asleep cuddled right next to Ryan, he really appreciated the "bro time". He was lucky to have a friend like that to help nurse him back. When a girl gives you a beating it feels really good to get consoled by your buddy.

A sequel to this story is posted here: Maddy beats up Ryan

Saturday, December 22, 2012


I think something about our bulge is just begging a girl to dominate us.  You see a dude losing to a girl at wrestling, and it's even worse that he has his parts flapping around under the singlet.

I used to live with a girl who hit me there whenever she saw my dick flapping. (Which is pretty much any time I'm wearing shorts, especially if I'm freeballing.. which is more or less always when I'm at home.) Not saying I'm hung like a horse. I'm a solid size but nothing enormous. My dick just shows an obvious bulge a lot for whatever reasons even when it's flaccid. And often I'd swell up when she was around cause I'd know what was coming.

"What's that?" she'd say, playfully, and hit me there.  Not really a ball bust, more like a demeaning little jab to my dick.

Then sometimes she'd grab me.  She was vicious, but not in a mean way.  Just a playful way.

That's one thing I like about ballbusting, it only requires a playful type of dominance.  If a guy was dominating a girl, it'd be ugly.  The only way we can do that is through brute strength.  (And not saying some girls can't hold their own, or get us by the nuts before we get them. But if it was gonna happen, that's how it would happen.) And that's kind of primitive and not very fun.  In a friendly, more mature world, girls are sexually dominant. 

I banged that girl once.  (Well, more like she banged me. And we did it more than once, the first time was just the most awesome.)  It was playful but passionate.  Like, obvious that we're just friends, but it was really good.  After she messed with my bulge she grabbed me (by the balls), then pulled my shorts down and we started making out while she rubbed my nuts, and I was rock hard.

She asked me "What's that?" in her taunting way, feeling my boner this time and stroking a little, she lifted her knee into me a couple times real lightly, just to push me down to the couch and then we banged like hell.

I was basically like her fuck toy. When she wanted it, she'd grab me. Haha. I guess you could say I'm her bitch, but it's all in good fun. She was cool, she liked talking to me about dudes that I thought were hot. She even helped me jack off once talking about dudes and what she wanted to do to them.

Friday, December 21, 2012

Jerked off with Dylan :)

He's a new friend of mine, really hot 19-year-old dude. I love him. We have such a strong connection, and he's hot as hell. Thin and really cut body.

We started jacking it, sort of laughing and casual at first, then arms around each other. I was stroking with my left, and my right arm was around him; he was stroking with his right with his left arm around me, and we got really close, like facing each other, shorts down, holding each other in a tight hug.

It was intimate. Usually we talk about things when we get off (well, "usually" being the one other time we did it, and the beginning of this one), like just random stuff or how it's feeling, but we were just quiet this time, there was a cool feeling about it. It was like bro love, haha. I took my hand off my dick and held his nuts, then took over stroking for him.

He told me "thanks bro" in a really cute way and he took my dick too. We cummed all over ourselves, lol.  We didn't really have any rag handy and didn't want to stop, just enjoyed the moment and let it fly. Obviously we started cracking up from that. I spilled mostly on him and he did it mostly on me, just cause of how we were facing each other, but basically jizz going everywhere. We didn't have nice clothes on or anything though, just comfortable stuff, undershirt sort of things, his was a tank-top. Kind of fun to drain on him, haha.

We cuddled next to each other for a few hours, it was nice.  And we jacked off once more too. A little more laid back. Just laying flat next to each other, cuddled up. He was messing around with himself so I joined in. We had a jizz rag ready that time, haha. Dylan's really great, I love the kid.

No offense to Gabe haha, he's a great jerk off buddy too.  But he's always busy getting beat up by Kayla and stuff lol.  Dylan's easier to chill-out with.

Anyone who's never jacked off with a buddy really needs to try. It's such a fun feeling. Doesn't matter if you consider yourself straight or gay or what, it's not a sexual thing, it's just having fun together. Find a friend you're comfortable with and you'll have a blast.

Monday, December 10, 2012

Chico gets drained

"I'm sorry I raped you, Chi-chi."

"It's OK," he answered, a little surprised.

Chico remembered what happened, of course, when Vicki used his balls to pressure him into having sex with her. But he had never thought of it as being raped before. Such a blunt way to put it. It was just something that happened that he didn't really think about.

"You're just so cute," she continued, moving closer. Chico was half Puerto Rican and half Middle Eastern, really attractive, with a thick, almost 9-inch dick. It bulged nicely against his slender, medium sized frame, and Vicki totally wanted him.

"Stop," Chico begged, embarrassed and realizing what Vicki had on her mind.

Chico had recently turned 18, Vicki was about 6 months older.  They'd known each other for a couple years, first becoming friends when he confided in her that he liked guys.  He likes girls too, a bisexual type, and likes Vicki OK, as a friend, but isn't particularly into fucking her.
"Girls have asked me how big you are," she teased him. He was always embarrassed about his dick size. Even under a pair of jeans he usually showed an obvious bulge.

"What do you tell them?" he asked.

"It's nothing to be ashamed of," Vicki answered him, dodging the actual question and reaching for his belt.

"No," Chico groaned, shocked, and kicking his legs a little as she squeezed his nuts. He had vivid flashbacks of what happened last time...

"You know I want it," Vicki told him, putting his hand inside her pants.  They were cuddling on the couch, but cuddling isn't always enough for a hungry girl. She guided him to finger her while she rubbed him, noticing his dick hardening. "And," she gave a devious grin, "by the looks of it so do you."

She kissed him, kneeling over him, with his hand still pinned in her crotch.  Chico was mostly squirming and uncomfortable, he'd never banged a girl before and it was obvious what was happening.

"I dun--," Chico began.

"Use 'em or lose 'em," she smirked, grabbing a firm squeeze of Chico's testicles.

"My nuts!" he leaned forward in shock.

Vicki laughed, and loosened her squeeze a little, "So we gonna bang?"

Not really needing an answer she kissed his neck and lowered his pants, then worked his dick until he was fully hard. She undid her own pants and banged him. Chico was mostly stunned to have his virginity raped away, but he got into it a little and had some fun getting topped by her.

After they banged Chico stayed naked from the waist down while Vicky cuddled and held him by the balls. Arguably more emasculating than the actual rape. After some rest she got him hard and banged him again. It turned Chico into being almost exclusively into guys.

A boy's sexuality is really weak compared to advances from a horny girl. We have balls, and even more our dicks are an easy target to tug on. Once you start playing around with us, we're gonna want to get off. It's pretty easy for a girl to have her way with a guy, and Vicki knew how to do it. Chico's personality was often to go with the flow and not resist, so it made it that much easier.

"You're getting raped again," she taunted, unbuckling the boy's pants and kissing him, noticing him basically give in, then grabbing his balls from outside his boxers for good measure.

Suddenly Chico tried to change the pace, grabbing Vicki and pushing her down on her bed. "Fine, let's bang," a bit out of character for him, probably realizing that sex was inevitable and trying to salvage some pride by being on top.

"Ya right, Chico," she insisted, lifting her knee flush into the boy's balls.

"Ugh," Chico groaned, "my god," as he collapsed limp on top of Vicki, his nuts still right on top of her thigh. "Ok," Chico conceded, "Ok, Ok," as she drove her thing into him twice more. He was already sweating and now his eyes began to tear as he lay there in a totally compromised position.

"You," Vicki told him between kisses, turning him over, "are my bitch."

Chico quickly moved his hands to his nuts and began to curl up, but Vicki had more important things in mind and stopped him from folding, kissing him and rubbing his balls, hardening his dick, then she fucked the boy close to orgasm and finished him off with her hand.

It's a source of power for a girl to yank a guy off.  It's thrilling to them, the way they can just grab us and make us squirt all over ourselves. They love it. And even better to force a boy into fucking then finish him off that way. Vicki was horny as could be.

"I need more, Chico," she told him, "I need to orgasm."

He reached in and fingered her, but it wasn't exactly what Vicki had in mind.  She moved his head towards her crotch and sat back for about 20 minutes while Chico ate her out.

Finally she was satisfied and they lay next to each other. "Masturbate," Vicki told him, tugging at his dick and laughing a little, looking very curious. "I want to watch." She held his balls while Chico went to work on himself, instructing him to let her know when he was close to jizzing.

Just so she could interrupt. She pushed back his hands away and lay on top of him, kissing him, and drove her knee into his testicles.

"Ooof, what the fuck," Chico moaned.

"OK," Vicki told him, letting go of his hands. Chico began to stroke himself, and then she repeated the process, pushing him back and kneeing him. The boy grimaced and was confused. Already drained he just went along with it, stroking himself again, then finally she kneed him and made him squirt.

Chico looked stunned.  Vicki pressed her thigh into him to finish his jizz, completing his orgasm with just her leg to his balls.

"OK," she told him, kissing him and lifting a final little blow to his testicles, then leaving him be.

Chico curled up nursing his balls and stroked himself a couple times for good measure, looking up in sort of amazement at Vicki as she watched him squirm and collect himself.

Thursday, December 6, 2012

owned in the balls

He definitely got off with one of his buddies later. I'm sure of it, lol. Guys always want to mess around with other guys after they get owned by a girl. I think it's an instinctive thing, cause you know messing around with the girl is gonna be more nut pain. But you're still horny about what happened. So you stroke with one of your bros, haha.

Monday, December 3, 2012

ballbusting, girls vs. guys

Girls are so rough with our nuts when they bust us. With other dudes it's usually just a playful thing, just messing around with each other. We know how much it hurts and we know he can do it right back to us, lol.

With girls, they have no mercy, they'll just totally wreck you if they want, even if just to prove a point. They like taking advantage of our vulnerability.

I was jacking off with Gabe the other day and he told me his girl's been really rough lately. We've talked about that before, and usually he likes it and it's fun to talk about when we get off. He accepts that she's dominant to him, but sounds like she's going too far, he seemed kinda concerned about it. I think she likes to totally destroy him. She should just go easy on him as long as he stays submissive.

We had a good jack off tho. Kind of classic position, sitting up with our arms around each other, shorts down, we both jizzed on a towel we had near us. He seemed like he really needed it, he was like "thanks, bro" after we were done and seemed happier.

It's always fun to get off with one of your buddies when girls are bothering you, I don't know why lol.

Saturday, November 24, 2012

Agile girl, much better at wrestling than the dude. And he has to worry about his nuts the whole time, she was nice enough not to grab them though.

Now go bang, lol.